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Production Equipment

Shenzhen Hanfeng Rubber Products Co.,Ltd has 15 years of experience in the production of rubber seals,strong technical force,has a professional team of design and development engineers.According to customer requirements, the completion of an independent product design, mould processing, formulation design, rubber raw materials,semi-finished plastic materials,rubber products into line chemical analysis and physical performance test with a solid new product development capability,we are willing to share with you the results of our various technologies.

Our Products

Hanfeng Rubber Products CO.,Ltd products includ follow:

1. O-ring

2. O-ring Kit

3. X-ring

4. U-ring

5. V-ring

6. Rubber Cord

7. Washer

8. Gasket

9. Diaphragm

10. Rubber Ball

11. Silicone Plug

12. Custom Molded Part



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