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Customized Rubber Ring

  • Watch Gasket
Watch Gasket

Watch Gasket

  • material:VMQ
  • hardness:30-90 a shore
  • Color:Black or customized
  • temperature:-60℃~220℃
  • Product description:

Sell watch seals retail for watch enthusiasts and special supplies for your watcheswatch gasketso-rings, flat rings, micro rings for your old and new watches. Find all kinds of watch o-rings for latest watches, many sizes of round and thin seals.

Micro Rings CS is from 0.35mm to 0.9mm

                      ID is from 12mm to 30mm

Material: NBR,EPDM,SILICONE,ect.

Color: red,black,blue,green or other pantone code color.

Customized size,please feel free to contact with us if you need more information about it.



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